The Questions I’ve Been Asking Myself

When did you realize you wanted to be a better person?

More dedicated. More passionate. More committed. More in love with the world. More patient. More focused. More careful. Stronger. Healthier. Kinder.

When did you start to take time for yourself? When did you make yourself a priority? When did you realize it – that you wanted, or needed, to change? Did you ever? At what age is it too late to change? Is there even a limit? When did you stop making excuses? How productive could you be if you took each minute into consideration?

I’ve been thinking about it a lot, lately – the way I spend my time, the way I treat my body and my mind, how wasteful I can be with time, energy, and at times, money. I want my life to be a bit more simple, not that it’s necessarily complicated – I think I just waste a lot of time thinking about things that are unnecessary. I want to be healthier in a lot of ways. And I know that for all of these things, I allow myself to make too many excuses. But I think the first part of changing is recognizing all of my own bullshit and to take that recognition and do something about it instead of letting it simmer on the backburner. It’s time for that recognition to come to a boil.

My world is about to change big time. I’ll be working, I’ll be waking up early, and I’ll need to actively try to be the best version of myself.

I’ve already done great things, if I’m allowed to say that. I’m going to continue to do great things… but I need to put myself on the right path now. I need to stop making excuses and start taking myself seriously.

There’s a balance that I’m seeking… and I know I’ll find it. I just have to actually try.

What questions do you ask yourself? Have you found answers?

Until next time,

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