Best Cafes in Hanoi’s Old Quarter

I’ve spent a lot of time in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam; during my weeks exploring this part of the city, I’ve spent a lot of time and money drinking an unnecessary and possibly even dangerous amount of coffee. Ok, maybe not dangerous – but you get the point. Here is my roundup of some of the best cafes in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam.

best cafe in hanoi old quarter vietnam
Loading T in Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Loading T

best coconut coffee hanoi vietnam

Loading T is my all-time favorite cafe in Hanoi. It’s located in an old, restored French mansion; the owner puts flowers on the tables and plays French music all day long. Not to mention, the coffee is insanely delicious; it’s all ground with cinnamon and makes for such an amazing flavor (they sell it by the bag!). They don’t even bother to give me a menu anymore because I always get the same thing: coconut coffee. Their coconut coffee is, in my opinion, the BEST in Hanoi. Not to mention, it’s a very reasonably priced cafe. The seating is limited and there isn’t really a bathroom, so it’s not necessarily ideal for working; however, there’s good wifi and friendly service every time.

Price: Most drinks are between 30k-50k dong ($1.29 – $2.14)

Location: You can find Loading T here. You’ll see the big yellow French looking building; walk up the stairs on the left, and once you reach the entrance, Loading T is through the door on the left!


Cafe Đinh (best egg coffee)

best egg coffee hanoi vietnam

If you’re looking for good egg coffee in Old Quarter, you NEED to go to Cafe Đinh. First of all, it’s LESS THAN $1! For egg coffee in Hanoi, everywhere else overcharges (sometimes by 3x), and I’ve found the consistency of the egg coffee at Cafe Đinh to be superior to all of the other places around. It’s said to be run by the inventor of egg coffee’s daughter, and this place is always busy. You order your coffee first and grab a stool at a random table. It’s always overcrowded with a lot of locals, but you’ll notice some tourists in there as well (often with a guide).

Price: Most drinks are between 15k-20k dong ($0.64 – $0.86)!!!

Location: You can find Cafe Đinh here. You’ll be walking and notice their sign on the outside of a building, and then another sign down the alleyway pointing you in the right direction (toward the stairs). You’ll hear the chatter of a busy cafe as you climb the stairs.



best coffee hanoi vietnam cafes

Cafe Nola is a really cool spot; it’s tucked away upstairs in a winding alleyway. I find this place to be ideal if you need to get some work done because it’s not only very quiet but also because I’ve never seen it get super crowded at any hour of the day. The coffee and drinks are moderately priced, though the food is definitely a bit pricey. I’ve only had their coffee.

Price: Most coffee/juice drinks are around 50k dong ($2.14).

Location: You can find NOLA Cafe here.


The Note

I’m hesitant to add this one to the list, but I’m going to tell you about this cafe purely because it’s an “experience.” However, it is a tourist trap if you’ve ever seen one. There IS a reason why it’s a tourist trap: the entire building is covered in post-it notes signed by guests, and that’s why everyone goes here at least once. But honestly, you do not go here for the coffee. Maybe try a juice? In my opinion, the quality of the coffee seems to be deteriorating over time; the only thing I’ve consistently enjoyed there is the coconut latte, though it’s a bit weak. You’re really going there to leave notes and for a pretty decent view. It’s a solid place to get some work done because there are so many different levels and decent wifi.

Price: Most drinks are between 35k-55k dong ($1.50 – $2.36)

Location: You can find The Note here.


Tranquil Books & Coffee

best-cafe-old-quarter-hanoi-tranquil-booksI really love this place! It’s tucked away down a little alleyway and they have a wall that’s covered in books of a variety of languages. Their menu features a variety of drinks, including a classic cappuccino as well as a “cappbrûlée” that has a hard sugar crust on top. They have a lot of other cool drinks similar to this. I’d say their menu is reasonable enough for what they’re offering, and it’s a great place to get work done during any time of day. It’s very quiet and everyone seems to respect the fact that it’s kind of like a library.

Price: Most drinks are between 35k – 55k dong ($1.50 – $2.36)

Location: You can find the Old Quarter location here.


Gấu Coffee Roasters

best-cafe-hanoi-old-quarter-gauI absolutely love the location of this place; it has spectacular people watching views from upstairs, and it’s super modern on the inside. They not only serve Vietnamese coffee, but also espresso drinks! They have a nice selection of bread (hell yeah, sourdough!) and baked goods, though I haven’t tried any of those and cannot comment on the taste or quality. They are a bit on the pricier side, so I don’t necessarily recommend spending 3x the amount on an egg coffee.

Price: Most drinks are between 35k-60k dong ($1.50 – $2.57)

You can find Gấu Coffee Roasters here.


Little Tranquil

best coffee hanoi old quarter cafeI passed by this spot and decided to go in on a whim; it’s small yet modern and has a good menu. I went two separate times; the first time, I got a Vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk and it was super strong (not complaining). The second time I went, I got a flat white and it was a really nice flat white. Thoroughly impressed!

Price: Most of their drinks are between 35k – 55k dong ($1.50 – $2.36)

Location: They don’t seem to have a named location on Google Maps, but you can find Little Tranquil here. Their address is 3 Hàng Mành.


That’s it for my recommendations for the best coffee in Hanoi’s Old Quarter! Have you been to any of these places? Do any of them intrigue you? Let me know in the comments!

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