Waterside Resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand

A resort? In… Chiang Mai? Yes, you read that correctly! An hour north of the city center of Chiang Mai sits a small, privately owned resort with a swimming pool and rooms that run for hundreds of dollars a night; it’s the perfect getaway for families, honeymooners, or even big groups looking for some peace and quiet with remarkable hospitality. The rooms range from 4,000 baht – 10,000 baht ($120-$300) though during off-season (which is right now during the dry season) you can pay half price.

The Location

This Waterside Resort is tucked away inside of a small village called Tung Lakorn and is surrounded by other small villages; you can get a cool experience away from the city center of Chiang Mai in a place like this. There isn’t a whole lot to do in the village, but it’s a great place to settle down for a few days, cool off for a bit, visit an elephant sanctuary, and cruise around rural Thailand.

The Property

With man-made ponds, a giant greenhouse, and organic herbs and produce growing all over the property, it’s a little bite of heaven. The owner puts an admirable amount of care into the property and villagers are constantly at work making improvements or creating new additions. What I love about the property is that it employs people from the village; you will notice them working all day!

I had the privilege to stay here for one night; while it’s difficult to communicate with the owner as she doesn’t speak English, if you’re interested in booking, reach out to a man named Duang; he will make sure everything runs seamlessly. His info will be at the end of this post.

The Rooms

In every unit, there’s strong air conditioning, an impressive bathroom (mine had 3 different ways to bathe: a normal shower, a rainfall shower, and a traditional Thai bath), and sitting areas both indoors and outdoors. Seriously, it was like I had an entire house to myself!

The rooms are decorated pretty basically, the beds are comfortable, and the orange curtains create a warm glow in the morning in which is heavenly to wake up.

This is the type of paradise where Thai people with money vacation; there’s a big community area where you can cook, hangout, and celebrate holidays. The property actually throws gatherings for the larger holidays of Thailand, and you can have breakfast and espresso on site. There are even ATVs on the property.


If you want to book or know about your options, reach out to a man named Duang; while it’s a bit informal, he’s the only English speaking person in the village. You can email him at duangvg@gmail.com or if you happen to have a Thai sim and phone number, his number is 0619278951!

Check out Tung Lakorn Waterside’s Facebook for more photos!

*disclaimer: I was given free accommodation at this resort in exchange for a blog post; however, I remain transparent throughout the post and would not recommend anything I did not wholly believe in 🙂 I was provided with great hospitality and kindness during my one-night stay.

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