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Why Do I Blog? | Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

People who I meet while traveling always ask what my blog is about. Am I selling something? Does it drive in a lot of traffic? What’s it for? What’s its focus?

I don’t really know what to tell them. Most of my blog posts are just rants, rambles, and reflections. When I fall in love with a place or a business or a person, I feature it/them because I want to get the word out to the four people who actually keep up with my blog.

I think what I want to promote the most out of this blog is the idea that solo traveling as a woman is totally possible. The world is not that scary, and anyone can overcome anything with the right mindset. It isn’t even promoting travel for women; I want to demonstrate that travel, in general, is possible. I don’t want to promote luxurious travel, either. So many influencers are given all of this free shit and promote it because they reach a wide audience, but they’re missing out on the authenticity of traveling.

I want to promote the idea of cultural immersion and appreciating other people’s cultures. There is more to travel than staying in a resort and being waited on hand and foot, though that is nice every now and again. But have you ever sat down with a foreigner’s family and had a meal? Experienced a life other than your own and sunk yourself deeply into it? Pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone?

I just want to promote getting out into the world and seeing something other than your own country and culture. People always say, “I wish I could do that,” but what they don’t realize is that they can. Anyone can do this. I’m just documenting as much as I can, with no bullshit, to prove that it can be done and to demonstrate my own experiences for all of those that are just a tiny bit curious as to what traveling is really like. I’m not even trying to idealize or romanticize my own experiences because they’re my experiences. You can’t have them. We will never experience the same thing.

So, why do I blog? It isn’t for money. I barely make money off of my blog. There are ads, yes, but it doesn’t generate enough revenue for me to even cash in (Google AdSense allows you to cash in when you reach $100…I’m at about $4…since December, LOL). I’ve never been sponsored. I’m only just now about to have my first post published on a blog that isn’t my own. It’s really, honestly, just a hobby – something to keep me occupied. Something to set goals for while I’m on the road. I feel like I would go insane if I didn’t have something else to do beyond travel. Traveling is cool, but writing about it is part of the fun.

Writing has always been this weird sort of reflective process for me. Most people hate writing; meanwhile, I majored in it (well, English). When I write down my thoughts and am able to reread them in a healthy way, I can reflect on my experiences better. The thoughts keep pouring, and I keep learning. I used it call it “unraveling” my mind because certain bits and pieces of thought processes get lost, and when you unravel, you find them again.  

This is my ramble for the day. Thank you to anyone who reads them and actively watches me unravel. 

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Have you been to Vietnam? Do you have a favorite city or village here? I want to know about it. 🌹 Between the cities I have been to, Hanoi has without a doubt been my favorite; rural Vietnam is a totally different category of love and attraction. Hanoi just has a different vibe than the others, and I love it. In Hoi An, as a tourist there, it was like all eyes were on me, trying to get me to buy something, visit their shop, just as I was even simply enjoying a meal. It was a different vibe. Even in the most touristic Old Quarter of Hanoi, I find comfort in the fact that people just don’t really…give a shit about you. Not in a mean way, but they aren’t paying any attention to you because they just don’t care. 🌹 Some people dislike Hanoi, and I can understand why. No one travels for the same reasons. Everyone is different and is looking for different things. But I love this cultural, chaotic hub of a city. What’s your favorite?

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