Food to Eat & Beer to Drink in PRAGUE!

Eating and drinking on a budget in Prague is not too difficult because Czech is pretty inexpensive in itself. Most of the time, you’re not spending more than 2euro for a beer (and that’s expensive!). I don’t know why I decided to eat everything in sight in this beautiful, old city. I also drank a LOT of beer, but that makes more sense because when you think of Czech, you should think of beer. The Czech Republic consumes more beer per capita than any other country, and beer is actually cheaper than water. Some of the stands WILL accept Euro – but it’s typically cheaper to pay in CZ than it is in Euros, so keep that in mind!


Did I eat 5 of these over the course of 4 days? Maybe. Ok, I did – but one of them was filled with ice cream so it doesn’t count. That’s how it works, right? They are all over Prague 1 and you can’t walk more than 10 feet without running into someone selling them in the Old Town Square.

Potato Chips… On a Stick.

Because why not? Right in Old Town Square, by the guys selling sausages. Not a bad way to spend a few dollars as a snack!


Prague 1 Farmers Market

Ok, this place had a lot of different vendors to choose from. But do you know what caught my eye? Cheese, of course. RACLETTE cheese to be specific. You know, those huge wheels you see in videos where people take a huge knife and slide it off onto a plate of pasta or something? Yeah, it was that – but she was sliding it onto potatoes. I was SOLD. These were only a few dollars and everything around me in the market was pretty inexpensive, too.


Havelské Tržiště Market

This place is super appealing, but it’s important to pay attention to prices here. The fresh fruits will draw you until you realize you’re paying $5 for a lil basket of berries. They’re cute, though.


Sausage & Beer

Hard to miss in Old Town Square; you can get a cold beer and a hot sausage with some bread for less than 5euro total. I stopped by here for lunch on a few occasions just because it was so cheap, and my beer addiction was going strong.


“Illegal” Beer

It’s not actually illegal. I managed to find this place just on Google Maps because it had beer and good reviews – they have a bunch of local brews. I managed to chat with one of the owners while I was there. It wasn’t the cheapest beer you can get in Prague, but it was definitely some of the tastiest.



Klub Vzorkovna

My walking tour guide recommended this place to me because I wanted somewhere that wasn’t necessarily loaded with tourists. When you enter, you have to add “credits” (money) to a “chip” that you can tie around your wrist. Rather than paying with cash downstairs at the bar, they scan your chip and deduct from there instead. If you run out of money, you just have to run upstairs and add more, and whatever you don’t spend, you get back at the end of the night.

If you want someone to hold your hand and not be a dick, this might not be the place for you because the people who work there aren’t going the nicest, but I think it really adds to the vibe. They have a main area to sit, great/cheap draft beer, a stage for live music, and they sell food! There was a little lady in the kitchen who is super unfriendly. She loosened up after a bit, though, and her potatoes were delicious.


Are you convinced, yet? Did I miss anything? What are your favorite places in Prague?

Please note: I am not in any way sponsored by any places or products recommended in this post. All opinions are my own and based off of personal experience!

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