The Best Apps for Traveling

The Best Apps for Traveling

While I was traveling, I came across a series of different apps that made traveling easier! I decided to compile them all into a list for easy reference.

Planning & Review Apps




Viator is an awesome website/app that lets you look at tours to purchase in any city; even if you don’t use the app to book a tour, it’s a GREAT way to find out what there is to do in certain cities!


Google Trips


Google Trips is awesome. It lets you choose a location and shows you what there is to do! If you have a gmail account, the app is linked to that, so the app automatically imports all of your upcoming trips.


Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is a great app/website to find restaurants and things to do with a large number of reviews all over the world. Sometimes it has its own exclusive offers and discounts, too.



Mobile Passport

Mobile Passport: This is an app to speed up the process of coming back into the United States. The app has all of your info and you don’t have to stand there and enter all of your information at the airport. According to its website, “The app is authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors to expedite their entry process into the United States.”


Map Apps is a map app that downloads entire areas when you are connected to wifi/data. Once the location is downloaded, you can use walking directions offline!

Google Maps: You can download areas off of Google Maps pretty easily. However, their walking directions are trash on iPhones. It did a really poor job of telling me which direction I was walking, even when I had data!

Apple Maps: APPLE HAS THE BEST WALKING DIRECTIONS! If you have an iPhone and you have data (you can use offline maps but they’re a little bit more tricky), this is what I recommend for walking directions.

Transportation Apps




Rome2Rio is the coolest website/app for traveling. It’ll give you every mode of transportation and the estimated cost – and then link you to buying tickets (for trains/busses/planes).




Skyscanner will give you the cheapest prices for flights and organize it by date and airport.




Flixbus is all over Europe and the tickets are always super cheap!


Go Euro

GoEuro is similar to Rome2Rio; great way to compare busses/trains/planes.


Uber does exist in some cities! Not ALL cities – but a good bit of them have uber. I used uber a lot when I traveled.

Metro Apps (they have one for most cities!) The Paris metro app was great. You can find one for most cities. It makes subway riding super easy!

Accommodation Apps


Hostel World


Hostel World app is great because you can book, review, get directions, etc., all in the app itself.




AirBnB is seriously on the rise – and there’s no wonder why. It’s a great way to find cheap accommodation, whether it’s a room or entire home. Some of the most memorable nights were in an AirBnb in Paris, France, with a view of the Eiffel Tower for only $53 a night. It was exactly what I wanted. I split a room in Amsterdam with a friend, and I got a room near Heathrow Airport. They now actually have even more features than just merely accommodation, with restaurants and things to do as well!

 Booking & Expedia both have their own apps for easy use.

Conversion Apps


Unit Converter


Unit Converter is great because being from the states, I’m not totally sure of conversions for lengths, weights, temperature, etc., and this app has it all. There are some advertisements, but it’s free, so I can’t complain!

XE Currency

 XE Currency came in handy a LOT; it’s important to know how much you’re really spending in foreign currency. You can enter in the amount in USD or in the currency you’re questioning. You can also compare more than one currency at a time. It’s awesome!


This is all I seemed to use while I traveled – do you have any favorite travel apps? What are they?


Please note: I am not in any way sponsored by any apps or products recommended in this post. All opinions are my own and based off of personal experience!

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