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The Act of Relinquishing Control | Why I Solo Travel

I guess one would say that I’m a Type A personality in a sense of control over my own life. It isn’t that I like to be the leader, but as a traveler, I need to have a certain level of control… basically, I need all of it. All of the control. Because it’s my life and journey, and I want that to run seamlessly.

But at the same time, when it’s my schedule, I feel like I’m very laid back in the sense that I’m not going to schedule every part of my day or any part of my day for that matter. I genuinely enjoy, and often need, to do nothing. I can be very patient. I don’t need need need now now now. A lot of my days are often filled with unplanned nothingness. I’m like a very strange blend between the different personalities and different types of people who makes absolutely no sense at all. Sometimes I’m way too much in my head. Sometimes I just need a fucking drink.

That’s why I can’t really label myself wholly as a Type A personality because there are a lot of moments that I’m not that way at all. I’m more of a Type Q; you know, a type that doesn’t exist. It just depends on the journey that I’m on, the day that it is, the mood that I’m in, and one million other factors. Sometimes I could probably even blame it on the moon.  I think traveling has taught me patience and a level of balance that is unavailable to me in the States; it is a clean slate, and every day is new.

Regardless, I don’t often let go of control; I don’t let others take the reigns. Especially as a female solo traveler, it’s just not wise or necessary. I don’t enjoy being led on journeys without knowing the destination, how we’re getting there, when we’re getting there, where we’re staying, you know… All of that control stuff. I’d rather plan it myself than not know. If I’m the one that’s in control of my plans, then I’m calm because I know that no matter what, everything is going to work out in the end for me.

The unknown is ok if it’s my unknown. And that’s exactly why I’m a solo traveler. I can wander around a village or a new city without direction by myself for hours. I can’t really even fathom someone who might be able to pair with my level of control and doing-nothingness. It would work if someone understood that I need to be alone for a good part of the day and if that person can entertain themselves. I feel like I’m the most motivated, unmotivated person of all time.

I like to travel alone for a lot of reasons, but my inability to relinquish control is a big part of it; however, it isn’t the only part of it. A lot of it has to do with trust; when you’re traveling alone, it isn’t easy to know who to trust sometimes. Sometimes you know you can trust someone upon meeting them. But traveling brings with it a lot of contradictions: being open is easier, but trusting is harder. It’s just this big circle of things and none of it really makes sense. Kind of like this blog post, which has taken me almost a week.

Thank you for reading my throw up of nonsense.

Also, is it just me, or are my titles getting longer and longer?

Until next time,

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Do you plan your trips or do you just let things flow? I’m stuck in between wanting to plan everything out and giving myself the space to be flexible; I think I’m a planner by nature, but you never really know how much you’re going to like a place until you’ve arrived. 🌹🌹 So right now, I’m “loosely” planning Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar – those are my next 3 destinations. I’m still considering Cambodia, if I have time, but it depends on whether or not I’m staying in Vietnam for one week or two weeks right now (which would include some tours). Either way, I have between 68-75 days left before I actually have to be somewhere (Vietnam). If anyone has recommendations for ANY of these places, I’d love to hear them!

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Where’s one place in the world you haven’t visited but are longing to visit? For me, it’s where I’m headed next: Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar. I’m specifically going to only Northern Thailand this time around because I’m short on time. If I have time, I’ll head to Cambodia as well. I’m starting to map out the rest of my journey once I leave Hanoi in about 2 weeks, and I couldn’t be more..curious and excited. — While traveling, I’ve fallen in love with little slices of life; even in the most touristic parts of cities, in Vietnam, you can always find those little slices that remind you that you are not where you came from. I’m anticipating this for my next countries as well. #traveler #femaletravelblogger #dametraveler #solotraveler #girlswhotravel #travelblogger #digitalnomad #damestravel #girlsthatwander #solotraveler #backpacker #travelgirl #womenwhotravel #girlswhowander @girlstravelingasia #asia #iamtb #wearetheexplorers #sheisnotlost @dametraveler @girlswhotravel @girlsthatwander @femmetravel @girlpowertravel #vietnam #nature #introvert #introverttraveler #travelasia #travelvietnam @realtravelwomen @nomadvietnam @femaletravelbloggers

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