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Best Tailor in Hoi An, Vietnam: Sewing Bee

Who is the best and most reasonable tailor in Hoi An? Well, that’s tailor hoi an sewing beeWhat do you think of these clothes? Pretty nice, right?

All of these items were custom made to fit my body by Sewing Bee in Hoi An, Vietnam.

I would either point at a picture or bring in my own and the images would be brought to life with my exact measurements. Thrilled is an understatement.. and I also bought way more stuff than just these 3 items!

Best Tailor in Hoi An Sewing Bee

If you want an amazing, knowledgable, honest, fast tailor, Sewing Bee is definitely one of the best tailors in Hoi An.

She will make sure your clothes are perfect for you without having to come back for multiple appointments. She also ships for free to anywhere in Vietnam (and internationally at a cost). Keep your measurements and she’ll make what you love and it will arrive at your doorstep. I will be referring to Sewing Bee as “she” and “they” throughout the post because it is a business, but Bee is the face of this wonderful tailor in Hoi An.

I went to Sewing Bee in Hoi An on a recommendation from Amanda from The Uncommon Pursuit. She had some beautiful clothes made, and I trusted her recommendation as a fellow traveler and a huge inspiration to me for all that she does. Check out her amazing outfits below: 

best tailor hoi an sewing bee

Tailors in Hoi An

How Most/All Tailors in Hoi An Work

most reasonable tailor hoi an

In the vast majority of tailors in Hoi An, you go in and you can look through a catalog of clothing they already have, you can try on pre-made dresses/suits/shirts/whatever and get them altered to fit you, or you can bring in a photo of a piece of clothing you’d like and have them try to match it.

best tailor hoi an

At Sewing Bee in Hoi An, you can do any of those things; most of her styles, though, are made from scratch or from an image. You choose your fabric depending on what kind of piece you’re asking for, get measurements done, and are on your way. Many places require multiple fittings. Bee, however, did not (not for me, at least). No matter the tailor, they ask you how long you’re staying in town for in order to make everything in time for you. 

Choosing the “Right” Tailor in Hoi An

The number of tailors in Hoi An is absolutely overwhelming. I don’t think you can really go “wrong,” but you can definitely be ripped off. There are tailors upon tailors and a giant clothing market on the very edge of Ancient Town. When you enter the clothing market, all you see is fabric, gorgeous dresses, suits, shirts, pants, you name it.

Some of the in-store tailors are intimidatingly exquisite looking: multi-level buildings, numerous employees, their own brands of water, etc, but in my opinion, they give off a certain kind of vibe that’s a bit… Pushy. And there’s a reason they’re so exquisite looking: because they’re expensive and overcharging you.

So, Why Sewing Bee?

Cost & Quality

I had Sewing Bee custom make a jumpsuit for me; actually, I had them custom make two. They were both 100% linen and cost me 650k Vietnamese Dong ($28). I got one in red and one in black. Each jumpsuit was made exacty to my specifications.

Wearing one of the jumpsuits, I wandered into a few other shops; one of the most popular places in Hoi An is “Be Be (Bebe) Tailor.” It’s the type of place with tile floors and a million employees. I walked in and asked how much it would cost to replicate exactly what Bee had made me for $28. I even specified that I wanted it made in linen (the same material). The cost for the SAME custom jumpsuit at Bebe? The woman quoted me $135 for something I had just had custom made for $28 from Sewing Bee. Same material, same style. Over $100 price difference.

I asked some of the other smaller shops located on Hoang Dieu Street in Hoi An. One of the shops quoted me $37, and another $35. It wasn’t that much more expensive, but it was still more expensive for the same thing. 

Bee Doesn’t Waste Your Time

Your clothes will be made in 24 hours or less. They literally made one of my jumpsuits in 6 hours (I have no idea how, but it came out absolutely flawless). Other places in Hoi An can make things in 24 hours but require a lot of fittings. Bee won’t waste your time with a million fittings because it will be nearly perfect first try (all of mine were actually perfect on the first try). A few alterations might need to be made, but some places require 3-5 fittings over the course of a few days. No one has that kind of time in Hoi An! It’s more important to explore the city than schedule your time around a fitting. 

Bee & Her Staff Listen to What You Want

If you tell them you want a cinched waist and slim leg jumpsuit, that’s what you’ll get. If you tell them you want longer sleeves, shorts to hug your butt, bows at the sleeves? They will deliver without flaw. Be as specific as you want. Draw it out. Bring in a screenshot from your favorite store’s website. Help them help you and you will receive what you want, not what’s convenient for them to make.

Bee Cares About Quality Control

best tailor hoi an sewing bee

They truly, genuinely care about quality control. If something isn’t perfect, if there’s a single thread out of place, they will take care of it. Even while caring about quality control, Sewing Bee is the best tailor in Hoi An for because she gets it right the first time and wants you to be happy. She makes sure to let you know to hand-wash them separately from anything else at first because they will bleed. After the first wash, you’re good to go (but I wouldn’t put a bright red jumpsuit with your whites). 

She won’t demand you write her a review on Trip Advisor 30 seconds after you’ve tried something on and have barely gotten a feel for it. Some places on Trip Advisor have fabulous reviews because the employees will literally give you the WiFi password and ask you to review them right then and there. Bee didn’t ask me to leave her a review until I had gone back literally 4 or 5 times. She knew I was happy because I had returned.

Bee is Honest & Knowledgable

Bee genuinely cares about the quality of the clothing she puts forth and will give you honest answers about everything you ask for; she’s not going to only show you the expensive materials. If you show her or her staff an image of a dress, they know what kind of material is needed to make it look and/or fall a certain way. For instance, I showed one of her staff members a photo of a dress I had liked, and she led me to the perfect material needed to make it. 

About Bee

best tailor hoi an

Bee started her own business after working for her aunt; she used to sew, but because her English was far better than her aunt’s, she started her own business. Bee is the one front and center and works alongside her staff; she figures out measurements, works with customers, and then has professionals that she trusts to sew everything together. She marks things at a reasonable price; she doesn’t even know how much other people charge. She just makes things fair enough to make a profit.

Where Bee is Located:

It can be tricky, but if you have ANY trouble finding her, just ask anyone in the market; they will lead you to Stall 11, Sewing Bee.

best tailor hoi an

Bee is located in the Cloth Market; if you’re walking toward the bridge on Hoang Dieu Street, the cloth market is on the right. When you’re walking, once you see the first opening to the cloth market, you can see her little sign in the lit up through the fourth entrance way

best tailor hoi an sewing bee

Here’s the thing about Hoi An: most places are going to make quality clothing; however, when you’re in Hoi An, you’re usually not spending that much time there and there’s so much to see. Everything I ordered from Bee, every SINGLE time, literally came out perfect; I never had to go back for another fitting. Now, this isn’t the case for everyone, I’m sure. 

Please, visit Bee; you don’t have to buy anything, but you definitely should. I promise she will make you happy and make you exactly what you’re looking for. 

Also just want to give another huge shout out to Amanda from The Uncommon Pursuit; I wouldn’t have found Bee without her! She and her boyfriend have been living in so many different places around Southeast Asia, and I’ve been following their journey for quite some time now. Give them a follow on Instagram, too!

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