48 Hours in Sevilla, Spain

My absolute favorite city in the entire world is Sevilla. There is something so different about being there. The locals don’t eat dinner until 10/11pm, and siesta is definitely a real thing. My body knew I was in Spain upon arrival because I immediately felt the need to take a nap, and it was glorious.

I took a bus from Lagos, Portugal, into Sevilla. I was there for a few days, and I regret not staying for longer. This post covers things to do and see, as well as food, drink, accommodation, and pricing! If you only have 48 hours, though, here are some things I recommend hitting up while you’re there:

Sites to See & Things to Do

Plaza de Espana is absolutely incredible and is one of the most memorable places I went to in terms of architectural design. I personally recommend you go see it at night because it’s all the more stunning. A scene from one of the Star Wars movies was actually shot here, but don’t ask me which one because I have no idea. Nearby, the beautiful Parque de María Luisa has exotic trees and also sits along the Guadalquivir River; it’s worth walking around (especially for some shade in the summer heat!).

The Seville Cathedral is the largest Gothic cathedral in the entire world. You get a bit lost upon entering. Attached to it is its bell tower, the Giralda Tower, that you can walk up for a great view of the city; the best part is… there are no stairs! People used to ride donkeys up the tower to get to the top instead of walking themselves, so they made it basically a giant winding ramp to make it easier. There’s definitely a line for it, so make sure you wear some sunscreen if you’re there in the summer!

In La Encarnación square of the Old Quarter, you’ll see a huge wooden structure that might resemble a mushroom… because it’s supposed to! That would be the Metropol Parasol: the mushroom! You can pay a small fee and ride the elevator up to the top for some awesome views. I went at night to see a haunting view of the Cathedral.

The Golden Tower (Torre del Oro) is a watch tower that was built in the 13th century. You can go inside of and climb up to the top; it sits right on the Guadalquivir River and overlooks Triana.

Flamenco! If you want a fun night out, flamenco is not hard to find. I did not get a chance to see a show (I know, I suck) but I regret not doing it. Cross the river and head to Triana for the best shows of the city, so I’ve heard.

Visit the Plaza de toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla (long fancy name for the Bullring in Sevilla) if you’re into that sort of thing. They offer tours, and it’s a huge part of the Feria de Abril every year.

Food & Drink

Sangria is for tourists. In Spain, drink Tinto de Verano. It’s refreshing, delicious, and still gets you tipsy.

Adobo. Fried fish. Absolutely delicious, super cheap. Go to Bodeguita Blanco Cerrillo. You will smell it when you’re getting close (in a good way). I only spent a few Euro on a little plate of fried fish and some Tinto de Verano. I wish I got a bigger plate of it!

Eat some tapas… obviously. You really have to, you can’t leave Sevilla without eating some tapas; I definitely recommend you try to find somewhere off of the beaten track a little bit. Right in the center of the city where men are handing out menus outside is not exactly ideal; the prices will be higher in those touristic areas. Stumble down the winding streets of the Old Quarter and you’ll find somewhere.


I stayed at Black Swan Hostel. Personally, I loved it. It’s tucked away nicely in the Old Quarter. I definitely recommend staying in the Old Quarter, but Sevilla is pretty small and very walkable.


The prices in Sevilla are generally average, but I found it to be significantly cheaper than Madrid and Barcelona.

What’s your favorite city in Spain? In the world? Let me know in the comments!

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